the Other Men

The Death of 2 half-elves
mostly dead

Disorganized run through a dieseased cave leaves half the party down, orphans and 1 squished magical armor.

Kobold thoughts

Stew chief stewed and ugly people kill him. The end.


Rellamur Twelvetalon's thoughts

It was another day of wandering, of looking for a cure to my affliction, and it was proving just as hopeless as the others. Although I drink liquids to keep my fortitude from sapping, that day stars were appearing before my eyes. It wasn’t a heat stroke, but magic. Harmless as it was to pass through, it did leave me truly lost from the land of my own kind.

The humanoids here would prove to be unfriendly. My appearance had me shunned quickly at the gates of the first town I went to. Then Gwendolyn – a farmer’s wife – threw an iron pan at my head. At that point the only humans who were not irritable were the ones buried in the crypt along the way.

A small village with odd simplistic huts let me sleep in a small shed, eat of their rice and bathe, so I offered to help them with the curse in nearby Serpentcoil mountain. I think they were just happy to be rid of me.

The best welcome was that of the kobolds. They were tearing apart a small cart when I made my approach. They spoke with proper fear in their throats – or so I would imagine having never seen kobolds firsthand…firstpaw? Things were looking up.

That is until the leader spotted me on the cart and hauled me into their lair as a special guest – special with ominous tones.

Days passed and finally I was able to escape into the sunlight. The mining town was near but I wasn’t ready to deal with more hostiles. That’s when my path would cross with other men in as hopeless a situation as I.

As before, a human was being controlling, attacking a non-human, what I had thought might be the human’s servant. Blood was being spilt, and a masked person was failing to control the hot tempers of the human and half-elf. Little-by-little I found out they to saw the blue light. They were heading to the place I had escaped from, and Eldinson, the masked man, restated. Kacee was quiet to me mostly, while Goldebrass was pouring information like a waterfall from his mouth.

We went to the mining town where they wanted to find a wizard Cornelius. He was not there’s, but something like a halfling was eager to talk, as well as a miner’s wife. The Holyman Samuel was busy with the ill. He warned us of rats and not to touch the victims. Oddly enough we were told the town brothel had no ill effects.

In the mountain, Eldinson and I walked into a trap that robbed us temporarily of our hearing. Kacee explored ahead and deemed the eastern path folly. To the west I was again met with deft cookery tossers. My allies and I dealt with them rather quickly, but Eldinson and Kacee might have come in contact with the diseased cooking staff. Signs of rat involvement were also evident.

That is all I remember for now, ah except for the fresh rabbit from Eldinson, and a throne of wood from Goldebrass. I would be remiss to not offer thanks.

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